Cost Effective

Our consultations are more cost effective, because we usually do our work remotely, however, if you need Onsite Consulting/Staffing, we do not do that to. There is no associated charges for travel, or lodging, and our fees reflect that. Also, we strictly do the work, there is no time that you are paying us for sitting at a desk waiting for the next meeting. Our fees reflect that fact that you pay us for the times that you need us.

Current Consulting Expertise

System Solutions - We can propose solutions for various business needs. If you have an business problem, we can design a solution for you. This may include architectural requirements as well as software requirements. With our extensive background, we have the capability to provide expert recommendations and designs for systems that you need.

Conversions and Migrations
- We can develop a plan and develop the applications that can migrate your data from one environment to another. Since we have the knowledge of multiple databases and operating systems, we are very effective in the task of data migration. So, whether you just want the plan developed, or you want us to develop the conversion/migrations solution for you, we can do either for you. We're only a phone call away.

Code Reviews - Our developers and anaylsts have completed hundreds of code reviews. We specialize in code reviews for Visual Basic, Visual Basic .Net (VB and C#), VBA, Scripting, etc. We can do a thorough review for you and provide you with a formal code review document that meets the industry standards.

Sample Prototypes - Do you just need a prototype of an application? We can make a prototype for you at an affordable cost and in a short period of time. Prototypes are extremely helpful in the development of a system, and we can create the application and environment for the prototype and demo it for you in our own lab environment.

Payment Solutions

Stop wasting valuable time sending payments. Our agency will simplify the payment process, and get your money in your hands faster. With our program we will assess your problem and offer simple yet effective solutions to help your company increase its payments.

We will handle all your payments solutions, utilizing the latest technology in payment program's. Additionally, our professional representatives will enhance the payment and increase the probability of a successful payment. We offers the most innovative payment method that will eliminate your payment problems!

IISPP INC, established in 2005, provides a customized payment services to all entities requiring cost effective support in the management of electronic money payments. IISPP Inc. is more than just a payment agency. We turn our clients' needs into long term positive relationships by presenting responsible solutions to their payment problems, quickly and dramatically.

IISPP Inc. has always maintained the goal of providing payment's combined with the latest in account solution alternatives to both our clients and our client’s customer base. We are extremely public relations conscious and realize the importance of the client/delinquent customer relationship and potential for that relationship to, once again, become positive.

Our purpose it to turn our losses into profits. We help our clients to be more successful by increasing the payment flow more quickly and efficiently than they have ever experienced before. Our clients value IISPP Inc. ability to provide effective payment solutions while maintaining our client’s image to their customer.

IISPP Inc. is fully equipped with state of the payment software. We have some of the most technologically advanced resources to locate customers. Clients can also benefit from IISPP Inc. detailed computer generated reports which provides detailed account management information. Acknowledgement Reports verify the receipt of allocated accounts. Inventory Reports detail the status of individual accounts, and a contingency statement accompanies the monthly payments which specify the collected accounts, the amounts and the contingency fees paid. All this data is available through our web site client portal or through monthly statements that are mailed to you.

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